FAQ for Customer App:

Getting Started

StyleCheck is mobile app which lets you browse the top boutiques in your city, their collections, and new arrivals through a mobile app. You can browse the special offers and "On Sale" items using the StyleCheck mobile app. By registering and being a part of StyleCheck, you can view and buy thousands of fashion & designer dresses for Women, Men and kids. You can also buy fashion accessories, Hand bags, shoes and many more. StyleCheck enables you to orders from your mobile app. You can make payment through the app at the time of purchase or upon delivery. StyleCheck is a digital commerce platform in which you can, not only buy dress wears a fashion items but also check with your friends on any item and take feedback before buying. StyleCheck is the talk of the town! Are you in?

Android smart phone users can install StyleCheck mobile app from Google Play store by clicking on this link:

You can also give a missed call to the number +91 9874490800 and receive the app download link for free.

You can register in StyleCheck mobile app by filling in a brief sign up form. Your mobile number is your identity. Upon submitting the registration form, we will send you an OTP for registration. You will input the OTP in the registration screen and submit.

You can periodically change the password for security.

StyleCheck mobile app is now available in Kolkata.

In future StyleCheck will be available at some other cities as well.

You can register in StyleCheck mobile app by filling in a brief sign up form. Your mobile number is your

You can login in StyleCheck using the user id and password you have registered with.

You can also login to StyleCheck using your Facebook account or Google + / Gmail account

For the purpose of security you are advised not to share your password with your friends.

If your friend doesn't yet have a StyleCheck account, then you can invite your friends to register in StyleCheck account

You can invite your friends to StyleCheck mobile app.

Click on the "Settings" icon in the home screen and then click on "Invite friends" icon. You will have the option of inviting your friends by Email, or WhatsApp or through Facebook.

When you invite friends your referral code will be send to your invited friends.

When you invite using WhatsApp you will get a list of your contacts in Phone. You can send invites to the friends you want to invite.

You can submit the invite in Facebook in your own TimeLine / Wall. That way all your Facebook friends can see the invite and register with your referral code.

You can also invite your friends by email. The body of the email is filled in with an invite message and your referral code. Enter the email id of all your friends and send out the invite.

You get referral points when you invite your friends and they sign up for the app using your referral code.

You will get 10 points for each referral that signs up.

You will get referral points when you:

  • Invite your friends and they sign up with your referral code.
  • Make a purchase using the app. (Points will depend on the value of the Order).
  • You also earn points if you make Showroom Visits.
  • You also get referral points when you provide feedback as a Style Checker to your friends.


StyleCheck app helps you browse the top Boutiques in your city through information, and images.

You can view special collections, New arrivals through StyleCheck

You can view special offers on items and purchase them.

You can browse special offers in boutiques in a Shopping mall.

You can pre-select products you want to see when you visit your Boutique.

You can pay for your products through StyleCheck (when they buy thru the app).

Earn StyleCheck Rewards point with participating Boutiques.

You can share your Style gallery (pics of yours) through digital media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

StyleCheck mobile app lets you browse the top offers from top boutiques from your mobile phone.

You can shop anytime and from anywhere. Yes, even from your home, office or simply while on the road.

You can add items in your interest list for visit to the Boutique. When you visit the boutique, you can get to see the items much quicker than usual as the Boutique already knows what you will like to see.

You can easily get to know the latest collections, new arrivals, special price offers from the best boutiques in town.

There are times when you want to make a purchase but can't decide on which one and would like to consult your friends. StyleCheck app makes that a breeze and help you get opinions from your StyleCheckers.

You can purchase a product from any of the boutiques from the comfort of your home, office, practically anytime and from anywhere.

More Payment options are being added in StyleCheck to make your buying experience a pleasant one.

You can buy any items which a boutique sells.

Typically they will be apparels (traditional, Western wear, Bridal wears), designer bags, shoes, fashion accessories.

Items can be for Women, Men, Boys or girls.

Yes you can add items to your list for a Showroom Visit.

You can click on "Interested � for Showroom Visit" button in the details screen of an item to add it to your Interest list.

This item will now show in your list for that particular boutique.

When you visit the Boutique showroom, the Boutique attendant will be able to show you the item very quickly.

You can buy the item after seeing the product and a trial, using the app itself.

This way you can acquire Loyalty points which you can redeem later.

If you like an item but do not plan to visit the boutique to see and trial the item, then you can add it to your favorites.

Items added to your favorites will show in "My Style Gallery".

Yes, you can. However it depends on the boutique from which you are making a purchase.

All boutiques may not support a Payment on Delivery feature.

The item details page will show the option "Payment upon delivery" if the boutique supports that.

More boutiques are joining this plan and soon we will have most boutiques accepting "Pay on delivery".

The no of products you can see in your catalog depends on the size of the boutique and the membership type.

Typically higher end boutiques will have more items in the category.

The best items of the boutique are usually in their catalogs.

Once you place an order through the app, you can view the Order details in the My Orders section.

In the Home screen tap on "My Style Gallery". Then click on the + icon and from the options that open up tap on "My Orders" to come to the "My Orders" screen. You will see your recent orders listed in the screen. By tapping on any one order you can go and see the details of the order.

The order status will be updated here.

Payments & Shipping's

In the Home screen tap on "My Style Gallery". Then click on the + icon and from the options that open up tap on "My Shipping address" to come to the "My Shipping address" screen.

You can maintain your default shipping address here.

This default shipping address will be copied as the shipping address when placing an order. You can make changes to the address which ordering.

In StyleCheck orders can be of three types:

Cash on payment: This is when the customer has ordered for one or more items from your boutiques and will pay for the Order either in Cash or thru the app payment processing system once the items are delivered to the customer. For such items either you can arrange for the delivery or StyleCheck logistics team can deliver it. There will be a delivery charge deducted from you for this service.

Paid in full & Pick up at store: For these Orders, you have to buy the item from the app, making the payment like in a usual process. However the item will be help in the Showroom by the Boutique. The item will be reserved and hold it till you comes and pick up the item. Since this item is already sold to the customer, it will not be sold it to any other customer. You will need to pick it up within a fixed no of days, which can vary from boutique to boutique.

Paid in Full & Deliver to customer's address: For such orders you have to buy the item from the app, making the payment like in a usual process. While buying you will mention the delivery address. delivery time can vary depending on your delivery address.

You can pay for an item at the time of Purchase through the app or Pay upon delivery of the item to the customer's shipping address.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking.

Yes you can still use the app to purchase.

Simply search for the item, select the item and go through the ordering process.

You can select the option of Pick up at store and make payment through the app.

This way you will earn Loyalty rewards points which you can redeem later.

StyleCheck is FREE . There is no cost to you.

Write to us at stylecheck@ncrtechnosolutions.com for further queries.